Officers with the Corrigan Police Department are taking a stand against drug traffickers

A Corrigan PD officer gets into his patrol unit. (Source: KTRE Staff)
A Corrigan PD officer gets into his patrol unit. (Source: KTRE Staff)
A Corrigan PD patrol unit (Source: KTRE Staff)
A Corrigan PD patrol unit (Source: KTRE Staff)

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Last week, a Kentucky man got arrested for allegedly having 25 pounds of marijuana. A broken tail light led to his arrest.

East Texas News spoke with Corrigan Police officers about how the small force is taking a stand on drug traffickers along U.S. 59, which is used by both travelers and drug dealers.

"We are trying to be more proactive in that part of the department," said Officer James Hight.

In the last two weeks the department has brought in two big drug busts, and that is not uncommon for the group. They're making a statement against drugs traffickers.

"Regardless of how big your city is or how many miles of highway run through it, drug problems are going to be there," said Officer David Hernandez. "They're going to be anywhere in the state."

Over the last year, the job of busting these criminals has become easier with the addition of K-9 Officer Leigh.

"It has increased our productivity because she is a tool we can use anytime day or night," Hight said.

The step up in drug enforcement is all through local city funds because the Corrigan City Council wants to make sure crime is kept at a minimum.

The town stretches three miles down U.S. 59 and four miles across Highway 287.

"It is real easy to get side-tracked with calls," Hight said. "Citizens needing assistance, normal traffic stops. There are things that could keep you distracted so it does make it harder."

The short distance leaves the town with a reputation of being a speed trap, but the officers defended their stops, saying you never know what might be there.

"Our job is to not only write a citation but to also stop crime and that could come from a traffic stop," Hight said.

And they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"We are going to do our job regardless of how people look at us," Hernandez. "If they think of us as good cops or bad cops we are going to do our jobs."

Despite the success, the officers with Corrigan PD say that they could not do it without the help from the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Livingston PD and the Texas Department of Public Safety."

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