Two San Augustine men plead guilty to poaching

Deer season maybe over but that hasn't stopped some people from hunting. Just last month, two San Augustine County men Dakota Johnson and Tillman Luther were arrested for this very thing. Texas Game Warden Lee Hall said thanks to their deer decoys there were able to catch the two San Augustine County men.

"We had two individuals drive past our deer lease three times and on the third time they illuminated it with their headlight and shot our decoy deer," Hall said.

The men violated several laws including hunting at night, off the road and during a time it was not deer season. Hall said when the men noticed they had been caught red handed the fled.

"We initiated a small pursuit and then we stop them a little bit off the road," Hall said.

Wednesday Dakota Johnson and Tillman Luther plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of hunting from a vehicle from a public road. Johnson and Tillman got a year probation, a $500 fine and had to give up their guns.

Hall said sadly, Johnson and Tillman aren't the first and aren't going to be the last ones to violate the hunting laws. Halls said if you ever notice someone doing this to please call the Texas Game Wardens at 1800- 792-Game

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