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Meet Roxanne, the fearless goat at Churchill Downs

Roxanne Roxanne

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In the barns on the backside of Churchill Downs, you will often find animals, such as cats or even roosters around the horses to help keep them calm. But in the Vance Barn, where Oaks contender Kiss Moon is stabled you will find a goat.

Roxanne serves as the "guard goat." She often sleeps with Kiss Moon at night, but during the day she keeps an eye on things around the barn.

"She's got a lot of personality. Anybody new in the barn she kind of checks them out," said Jockey Otto Thorwarth.

In the hierarchy of the barn, Roxanne feels she's at the top of the heap. "She thinks she's number one," said Trisha Vance with Vance Barn.

Roxanne came to the farm as a package deal. The farms owners went to purchase a horse a year ago and when they showed up to pick up the horse, they were informed that Roxanne came with the horse.

Roxanne has become like family to the Vance's and the horses.

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