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Police warn of scam targeting elderly East Texans

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Marshall Police Department is warning about a scam that is targeting elderly East Texans.

In one instance, police say the scammers called elderly woman posing as officials from the Clark County Detention Unit in Las Vegas. The caller will told the woman that her granddaughter was in jail. The caller then instructed the woman to the go the nearest Home Depot and purchase Reload It cards loaded with $500. Once purchased, the woman was told to call back with the number.

The woman was allowed to speak to a person she believed was her granddaughter. The caller then told the woman her granddaughter was facing felony charges and not to discuss the the call with anyone. The woman was told to tell Home Depot staff she was going on vacation and didn't want to use her credit cards. If her bank questioned her about such a large withdrawal, she was supposed to tell them she was buying furniture.

The woman was able to call her granddaughter, who was at work, so she didn't send the scammers any money.

Marshall police warn that the scammers will go to great lengths to convince you that the situation is real and requires immediate attention.

If you receive a similar call, you can click here to visit the Clark County Detention Center's website to search their inmate database and see if you know someone being detained.

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