Crazy ants are coming

While they haven't made their way to East Texas yet, experts tell us crazy ants are coming. While the bug doesn't bite like fire ants, they're extremely destructive. In tonight's special report at 10, Summer Dashe explains what this means for your home and how you can prepare for the arrival of crazy ants.

At 6, Donna McCollum looks further into yesterday's officer-involved shooting which left a man dead. She examines the parallels between this incident and the previous two shootings in Nacogdoches County and the growing concerns when it comes to officer ambushes.

Also at 6, Caleb Beames shows you how Angelina County inmates are being put to work, and feeding themselves at the same time.

He's black and white and furry all over. He's Chunky! And he's looking for a new home. Find out more in Leigha Hughes' weekly installment of BFF: Best Furry Friends at 6.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor