Angelina County inmates plant garden for personal use

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When the sun is out,Angelina County inmates are out; tending to their garden.

"It's rewarding,"Inmate Jason Vinson said.  [It's] notonly growing the vegetables but we get to eat it and we get sunshine."

They are working to bringfood to the jail.

"These men reallyenjoy being able to work and be productive," correctional officer Joe Stanleysaid.

It's not just a littleproject. The garden is two acres with plenty to choose from.

"We've got one-thirdacre of corn planted," Stanley said. "We've got purple hull peas. We've gotzipper cream peas. We've got pinto. We've got okra, tomato, cucumber, squash,pepper and we even got watermelon."

"You can't beat freshvegetables," Vinson said. "We were all raised on them."

The men work in unison, knowingthey are accomplishing a goal.

"We all have the samemorals and ethics," Vinson said. "It's just one team."

"That's what life isabout; hard work and when you do hard work there is good results that come outof that," Sheriff Greg Sanches said.

The plan is for the foodto be used inside the jail for daily meals which means once the vegetablesstart to roll in.

"We are going to savethe tax payers a little money," Vinson said.

The program has been suchhuge success that jail officials have had to turn inmates away.

"I probably have 200applications in there," Stanley said. "Everybody wants to come out and work thegarden."

Next year, the wardenhopes to be able to expand the garden so more work can be shared with otherinmates.

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