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Nine years old and funny enough to be a Comedian

Nine years old and funny enough to be a Comedian

Saffron Herndon on stage. Saffron Herndon on stage.

The biggest thing in most third grade student’s lives is the STAAR test, or getting out of school for the summer. But we’re going to introduce you to nine-year-old Saffy Herndon, who has something else in her life that even adults would consider a big thing: She’s a stand-up comedian.

She lives in Dallas but came to Tyler with her dad to check out the Liberty Hall Theater before her performance Saturday at the third annual East Texas Funniest Comic Competition.

Saffron “Saffy” Herndon has been doing stand-up since she was in second grade - a year ago.

“I was the coolest eight-year-old ever,” Saffy insisted.

How did the first show happen?

“My dad started to do comedy, and I always thought that was so cool. After a while he started to go to Dallas Comedy Club, Hyenas, places like that and every night he would go I would ask him is I could go and he’d say no, Saffron, you have to get older. Then a manager with The Back Door said she could go up. My dad and I put together some jokes; three minutes of material, and I went up and it sort of stuck. I kept on going and making more jokes up,” Herndon said.

It was easy to see how she developed a style. That happened before Saffy started studying for the STAAR test.

“Do the jokes help with the STAAR test?” I asked her

“No, no they do not,” Herndon answered.

Comedy runs in the family, but is her dad funnier than she is?

“I think I might be a little funnier than my dad,” Herndon revealed.

And how does she get ready for the show? With the help of her dad.

“He grabs me and picks me up and goes like this,” Saffron said indicating being held by the shoulders and being shaken.

“He is not abusing me. No,” Saffron insisted.

So what’s so special about her act?

“If you want to see, you should come out,” Herndon said.

I’m thinking if she does stand-up, they will come.

Tickets for East Texas Funniest are $20. The show is at 8 p.m. Saturday night, April 26 at Liberty Hall in downtown Tyler.

Saffy’s performance is clean, but, according to show promoters, other comedians may not be so you might want a sitter for the kids.

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