Special needs students take center stage at Lufkin High School

About 47 special needs students from LISD's Herty Primary campus took center stage at the Lufkin High School Athletic Center Friday. From tumbling to balancing, the rising stars showcased what they learned in the classroom.

Over 125 Lufkin high scholars helped the kids make it through an obstacle course of activities, all while family, friends, and teachers cheered them on. Carter Hearne, a special needs student, was one that participated in more than 16 different activity stations.

"I was doing the obstacle course, and I was tumbling, and it felt like I was falling," Hearne said.

Seven-year-old Jayden Chance said he mastered all the obstacles.

"My favorite thing was the break dancing," Chance said.

First-time volunteer Kelsey Bowers learned something too.

"I thought it would be really hard teaching them how to do things, but it wasn't. These kids are really smart," Bowers said.

Just like the kids, Bowers can't wait to come back next year.

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