Over 150 Diboll residents lends a helping hand to the community

In the last couple months Maria Elena Rio roof has caved in. Unfortunately, Rio's has not been able to make the necessary repairs.

"I don't have the kind of money for this job because the cost is too much," Rio's said.

She said the repairs would cost her somewhere close to $16,000.  However, Saturday Mike Gibson and James Mayo and came to her rescue.

"It took about an hour to take the old shingles off then we clean if off sweep it up," Gibson said.

"The back side of the house has been leaking so we are putting a new roof," Mayo said.

These guys weren't the only ones doing good deeds around town. More than a 150 Diboll residents put aside their weekend chores to help their neighbors. Together they tackled more than 20 cleanup projects.Organizer Trey Wilkerson said a lot of people that they helped have been long time members of the community just like Rio.

"A lot of the projects that we tackle aren't that hard but for these individuals its just not in their budget,"  Wilkerson said.

Gibson and Mayo said they wouldn't have spent their Saturday any other way.

"We got hard rains coming tomorrow so we want to get it done today," Gibson said.

"It's what we do in Diboll. We give back to those in need," Mayo said.

And Rio's said she is just so thankful for her two guardian angels.

"I thank god that they come here to help me with my roof," Rio said

The Georgia Pacific company funded two-thirds of the projects.

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