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Rising gas prices expected to continue

This week, we are expected to see anther jump at the pump (Source: KLTV Staff) This week, we are expected to see anther jump at the pump (Source: KLTV Staff)
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You may have noticed as you filled up your car for work this week that you paid quite a bit more today than you did a few days ago. This week, we are expected to see another jump at the pump.

The increase has hit Brian McElven of Lufkin pretty hard. McElven spends about $100 a day in gas.

“It keeps going up. A nickel a gallon for me is $2 a tank. A tank a day is $10-$15 a week extra,” he said.

McElven is an outside sales representative for company that sells lawn mowers.

“All my dealers are 30-40 miles are part. I have to see three or four of them in a day, so it involves a lot of driving,” McElven said.

Companies that provide gas are made to offer their summer blend by May 1st, causing some of them to go offline for scheduled maintenance. When the supply is limited, prices rise.

"It did a little more than creep up. It jumped up quite a bit. One week it cost you $50 to fill up your truck. The next week it cost you $65," David Wallace of Gladewater said.

The summer blend the companies are required to make to limit pollution and smog in the summer is more expensive to produce. While it is more eco-friendly, some local travelers aren't buying the reasons for the increase.

“I just think it's a scam., picking our pockets for the summer. All the sudden in the winter time, the gas prices bottom out again,” Felisa Owens said.

“My truck runs just as good on winter blend as it does on summer blend,” David Wallace said.

Over the past few days, a number of refineries have temporarily shut down and perform unscheduled maintenance. The pain is felt by the buyers.

“You either have to pay it or stop driving,” Brian McElven said.

According to AAA, in Texas, the average price of regular gas is $3.49 while the national average is $3.69. This time last year, it was $3.50 per gallon nationally.

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