Business leaders talk about what courses and certifications should be offered at new NISD Tech. Education Center

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Plans for the Nacogdoches County Career & Technical education center are slowly but surely moving forward.

Local industry and business leaders toured the facility and gave their input on the kinds of trade skills and training they hope the tech center will provide in the future.

It's a partnership between Nacogdoches ISD and Angelina College to provide special training for business and industry plus help with compliance for county high schools and House Bill 5 education requirements.

"What I think you'll end up seeing here are two different schools going on at the same time," said Ed Pool with the Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation. "You'll have NISD and the county schools working during the day to educate high school students and in the evening this will transition into an adult learning center where the workforce that exists now that wants further education will be able work and find new certification and work through the career and education center."

Various East Texas industrial and business leaders toured the facility and made suggestions about what their specific industries are looking for from employees.

Kirk LeBlanc is the maintenance manager at The Grove Apartments in Nacogdoches and says he can't find help with the proper qualifications.

"Well a maintenance tech helper is what I'm looking for and I'm having a tough time finding technical skilled help now-a-days," said LeBlanc. "The skills would be HVAC, how to trouble shoot air conditioners and especially this time of year it's a big need and that's the biggest skill that we need."

LeBlanc says he plans to take advantage of the school too.

"Matter of fact if they do an adult class I would come at night just to learn myself," said LeBlanc.

Parker-Hannifin human resources manager, Ellen Moreaux hopes there will be some training available for an industrial-type setting.

"It kind of bridges the gap between what the high school teaches and what the employers are really needing once the person comes into the workforce," said Moreaux.

Angelina College President Larry Phipps says he hopes to be enrolling new students at the Career and Technology Education Center within the next 16 months.

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