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East Texans react to Donald Sterling NBA lifetime ban

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver threw down the hammer on Clippers owner Donald Sterling on Tuesday giving him a lifetime ban.

East Texas basketball coaches and fans were then reached to comment on the league's historic punishment.

"That be great if we could sing "Kumbaya" and say racism is gone, but its not.," Tyler Magic AAU head coach Charmyst Amie said.

L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling made that evident after his racist comments were released on Saturday. After investigating the recorded audio, the NBA has decided to ban Sterling for life and fine him $2.5 million. Its a punishment many believe is right on the money.

"I thought it was the right decision to do," Tyler resident Travon July said. Amie added," I think that it was not only absolutely appropriate, but a no brainer.

In addition to not being able to participate in any business decision involving the Clippers, the next step is force Sterling to give up ownership. Some East Texans feel the ban is far enough.

"I think the punishment enough, we are talking about words, we are not talking about bodily harm to somebody," former John Tyler head coach Carl Love said. Tyler resident Termaine Brown added," He did buy the team so in a way that makes it his."

Others say, no way, Sterling should be forbidden to own the organization. "With as many black men as you have on your team, and you are willing to say racial comments like that you shouldn't have anything to do with the nba whatsoever," Ashley Chapmond said.

Either way, what's done is done and former and current coaches view this as a teaching experience.

"We let them know that they are in a society where not all people are going to care for their success, but yet we fight through that," Amie said.
Love added," There are people up in the stands that don't like you for the color of your skin, don't like the the way you do your job, but you still got a job to do and you still go out and do your job."

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