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Pup tossed into Tyler landfill may have found a new home

Grace right after she was rescued from the Tyler landfill. (Source: SPCA) Grace right after she was rescued from the Tyler landfill. (Source: SPCA)

A dog was hit by a car and then thrown into a Tyler landfill. That’s what the SPCA of East Texas said happened to a six-month-old puppy last week.

The husky mix was near death, but on Wednesday, Gracie, the dump dog, was thriving and she may have even found a new home. Lots of love and plenty of kisses are in store for Gracie. She is happy playing with her new toys at her foster family’s home.

“After everything she’s gone through she is so unbelievably sweet and just a perfect little dog,” Amber Guy, Gracie’s foster mom, said.

But this time last week, the playful pup was barely able to move. A picture taken right after workers rescued her from the Tyler City Landfill show her lying on the ground, eyes closed.

“The garbage men went out there and they found her out there, I guess when they were unloading their trucks,” Guy said.

There’s no telling how long she had been there, but the vet said she had a broken pelvis, likely caused from being hit by a car before she was dumped.

“While she was out there suffering she had no food and her tummy was full of rocks and trash,” she said. “She was so hungry she just ate rocks and the trash that was around her.”

Gracie still walks with a slight limp and she has to be careful when playing, but she’s expected to be just fine due to the SPCA of East Texas and her foster family, who might just turn in to a forever family.

“I don’t know. My daughter keeps telling me we’re going to be a foster fail,” Guy said.

Lynn and Amber Guy lost their dog, Lily, in January and until now, “we couldn’t have another dog and our hearts weren’t ready for it.”

They said Lily was perfect, but earlier in this article, don’t you remember Amber saying the same thing about Gracie? Though the Guy Family may have saved Gracie’s life, those kisses she gives sure do mean a lot to them too.

“When you’re used to getting kisses it’s so nice to have a dog in the house now because I have missed having that,” she said.

The SPCA says nobody has been found responsible for tossing gracie away. She was picked up by the City of Tyler first then sent over to the SPCA of East Texas to be treated. Her foster family said she has already grown since they got her on Monday.

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