Angelina College softball sees advantage entering Regional Tournament

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina College softball team is getting ready for their regional tournament, and not only do they have the advantage of entering as one of the top seeds, they will also be hosting the tournament at their home field.

Entering as the 2nd seed in the tournament, they hope they can continue their hot winning streak.

The Lady Roadrunners have won the past 22 out of the last 25 games.

They became Co-Champions of their conference with Galveston when they beat them in a double header last week. This team impressignly is made up of only 2 sophmores and the rest being freshmen.

Angelina sees hosting the tournament as a huge advantage to their play.

"It definitly gives me more energy when we're playing on our home field because we got our home fans here, all the parents get to come who don't usually get to come when we travel," said Melissa Boland, a sophmore on the team. "We practice here everyday, we know what it's like, we know how the ball's going to come off the dirt, we know how to read things and we know where to hit the ball."

"Being here, sleeping in our own beds, eating the food that we're normally eating, in our dugout, our warmup facilities, I mean it's nothing but advantageous," said Barbara Mattson, the Assistant Head Coach.

The Lady Roadrunners will kick the tournament off at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning as they face Trinity Valley Community College in the first game.

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