Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 05-01-14

Pueblo Viejo at 2900 South Street: 30 demerits for vent hood not kept clean, cooler at wrong temperature, hazardous foods needed to be discarded, beef dish at wrong temperature, improper storage of foods, use-by dates needed, cooler needed to be repaired, test strips needed, thermometers needed for cooks, equipment not kept clean and sanitary, old table and equipment in dumpster area needed to be discarded, trash on north side of the property needed to be picked up, missing ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, shield guards needed, wall not kept clean, and weatherproofing needed for doors.

Tacos Dona Pancha at 112 W. Seale: 14 demerits for cooler not kept wiped down, two packages of food products needed to be discarded, backflow preventer needed, hand wash sink not kept clear, improper disposal of wastewater, dumpster lids not kept closed, and grass and weeds not kept mowed and well-maintained.

Cabo's at 2915 Northwest Stallings Drive: 13 demerits for two food products needed to be discarded, toilet paper and hand towels needed for bathroom, thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers, ice scoop not kept in clean container, front door needed to be weatherproofed, and grass not kept mowed and well-maintained.

JNK Food Mart No. 3 at 1930 Douglass Road: 9 demerits for one jar of mayonnaise needed to be discarded, chart needed to be corrected, thermometer needed for freezer, ceiling vents not kept clean, vent a hood not kept clean, and grass and weeds not kept mowed and well-maintained.

Peking at 3103 North Street: 7 demerits for one sharply dented can needed to be discarded, thermometer needed for freezer, dumpster lid not kept closed, weatherproofing needed for all entries and exits, and vents not kept clean.

Adeel's No. 6 Deli and Grill: 7 demerits for to go containers needed to be discarded, test strips needed, freezers not kept wiped down and clean, and food protection management certification needed.

Burger King at 3819 South Street: 3 demerits for two spatulas needed to be replaced.

Raising Cane's 1831 North Street: 3 demerits for several spray bottles needed to be re-labeled.

Marble Slab at 2425: 3 demerits for hand towels needed at hand sink.