What's behind the federal raid?

A Lufkin rehabilitation center had to close for the day after federal officials served a search warrant on the business. Coming up at 6, Francesca Washington dissects what we know about the raid and the business.

An attorney for a burn victim injured in the Georgia-Pacific plant fire decided to speak out today to say they are considering legal action against several third-party companies which built equipment found inside the plywood mill. At 6, she tells Michelle Reed an expert investigation reveals key information as to what caused Saturday's fire and explosion.

All this nice weather makes it a perfect time for homeowners to do their "firewise" chores.  Today Etoile students made the entrance to a nearby community less of a fire hazard. At 6, Donna McCollum shows us what they did, so you'll know what to do around your own home or property.

She's got spots and spunk, but at 6, Leigha Hughes says Freedom the dog needs a forever home. Learn more about Freedom in tonight's Best Furry Friends.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor