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FBI investigating 2 robberies in which couples were tied up, robbed

Leverett's chapel robbery scene. (Source: KLTV) Leverett's chapel robbery scene. (Source: KLTV)

The FBI is now getting involved in two East Texas home invasions, during which two couples were tied up and robbed.

On April 14th, a couple on was robbed by three home invaders wearing all black on County Road 137, near Leverett's Chapel in Rusk county.

The next day, three men wearing similar clothing robbed a couple at a home near Highway 259, north of Longview.

Investigators now say little details may hold the key to solving these cases.

Gregg and Rusk county investigators are still trying to piece together the sparse clues between two robberies that now seem identical.

"The clothing that they wore, how they operated, how they performed the invasions; a very large number of similarities between the two," says Rusk county sheriff Jeff Price.

Federal agents and Texas Rangers are combing over the smallest details at both crime scenes.

"We're trying to look back through the cases and see, what did we miss," Price says.

Although they're not saying what it is, investigators do say there is a connection between the two locations that were burglarized.

"There are some things there that we're not releasing at this time," he's says.

And they have been given some information from at least one source.

"We're working on the various similarities and trying to see what we can find out between informants," says Price.

One similarity keeps coming back to the black clothing, the ninja-style uniforms, and if any of it was purchased in East Texas.

"They had planned this out; they knew what they were doing. They were very selective in the items that they took," he says.

Price remains confident that the robbers will be caught,

"We're going to solve this one," Price says.

None of the victims were injured in the home invasions. Only cash and jewelry were taken from the victims in both cases.

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