SFA professor and students propose new conflict resolution center in Nacogdoches

SFA professor and students propose new resolution center (Source: KTRE Staff)
SFA professor and students propose new resolution center (Source: KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An SFA professor and a group of students are teaming up to put a stop to conflict and bring peace to Nacogdoches through a proposed resolution center.

Professor of communication studies, Dr. Tyler Spradley and a group of his students held a town hall meeting tonight to propose a community peace and conflict resolution center to various Nacogdoches officials.

Spradley and his students are hoping this new center will help cut court cost by eliminating conflict through free mediation services.

"They can actually help reduce costs and in some estimates they even save  maybe six thousand dollars a person that would go through any kind of legal help that can go through some kind of free community driven mediation process that can help drive down court cost," said Spradley.

Kendall Dotson, an SFA communications study major is among some of the students participating in the town hall meeting and hopes that Nacogdoches officials will jump on board and help them bring this center to life.

"We would definitely like for them to take this conflict center that we have put a lot of time and effort into and take it under their wing and maybe actually get it into play within the next few years but even if it means having just like a section off in the court house where mediation is available to the community that would be a huge step in itself," said Dotson.

This is the first year Spradley has done something like this with his class but hopes it will lead to something much bigger than just a class project.

"And then it's casting the vision forward and saying let's don't just stop here let's just don't make this a class activity…but we can truly make a difference in this community make an impact," said Spradley.

Spradley hopes that by having this town hall meeting they will be able to gain insight from the community and community officials.

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