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Phoenix cold case unit makes arrest in 18-year-old murder case


February 3, 1996, 40-year-old Phoenix business owner Robert Krahn was found shot to death at the Merchandise Outlet he co-owned with Dean Babbit.

"We're 100 percent sure that Mr. Babbit is responsible for the death of Mr. Krahn," said Phoenix police cold case detective Clark Schwartzkopf.

Krahn's alleged killer is someone who was familiar to the family.

"I had suspicion," said Pat Krahn, Robert Krahn's widow.

Pat Krahn had all but given up on news of an arrest until Thursday. 

"For about the first ten years it's been a rollercoaster," Pat Krahn said. "You just come to a peace and keep up your faith," she added.

Detective Schwartzkopf reignited the cold case back in 2011. His main goal was to eliminate a host of suspects.

"Business partners, business arrangements, multiple businesses," Schwartzkopf added. "Mr. Krahn was a very engaged individual in this community."

Schwartzkopf says the original detectives did a great job investigating the case. It just took tools of the future to help tie together loose ends of the past.

"I worked very closely with the lab on a lot of things that we were able to find and put together from the crime scene," he said.

And even though Robert Krahn's sister hope it leads to prosecution. Even still the arrest does little to ease the pain 18 years later.

"It's like, okay, you wait this long, you've got this news, but now give me something. Give me my brother," Karen Klavetter, Robert Krahn's sister added.

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