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Medical examiner: Dogs killed elderly East Texas woman

Dog cages sat empty at the woman's residence the day after the attack. (Source: KLTV Staff) Dog cages sat empty at the woman's residence the day after the attack. (Source: KLTV Staff)

The autopsy was returned on an elderly East Texas woman who was found dead in her Kaufman home in March.

The Dallas County medical examiner concluded that 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton died after she was mauled by dogs. The autopsy said Hamilton had lacerations and puncture wounds on her body.

According to the Kaufman Police Department Hamilton was found dead inside her home in the 1400 block of E. First North Street at approximately 4:48 p.m. on March 31. Hamilton's son discovered her body in the living room of the home and called 911.

The next day, the dog crates and cages sat empty at Hamilton's home. Family members were overwhelmed to learn that she was mauled by her son's pit bull dogs.

"It scared me really. I was just shocked when I found out about it," said Michael Eldrige, Hamilton's cousin.

"When I came out here they were still vicious because they chased me out of the yard," recalled Tina Burley, another cousin of Hamilton.

Neighbors said they complained about they dogs that lived at the home because they were in violation of a city ordinance. According to the Kaufman city website, homeowners are allowed a maximum of four domestic pets inside the city limits, where Hamilton lived.

"Having that many dogs is a problem. We've complained a million times about that many dogs," explained neighbor James Langston.

Langston said he was home Monday afternoon and heard the dogs fighting.

"I saw one of the dogs bleeding really bad," said Langston.

Not long after Langston heard fighting, he says the victim's son came home.

"He came out of the house and said his mama was dead. He said the dogs had killed his mama and I told him... I said, 'Man don't be playing with us like this,' and he said, 'No. My mama is dead,'" recalled Langston.

Kaufman Police Chief Dana Whitaker said capturing the dogs was a struggle.

"They're heavy-built dogs and they're hard to handle. We had to be careful not to get ourselves hurt," Whitaker said.

Whitaker said the two dogs who mauled Hamilton were being kept separate from the others in a back bedroom.

"It looked like they had broken through the door and got the victim," explained Whitaker.

However, Hamilton's family said that she was used to the animals and she was not afraid of them. Now they're left to wonder why the dogs turned on her.

"She was sweet, kind, she always treated me good...with respect and everything. She was a lovable person for this to happen to her," said Burley.

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