Elderly couple says they're overwhelmed with feral cats and need help

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An elderly San Augustine County couple says they're overwhelmed with feral cats and need help to clear their property of more than 50 felines.

The Morgan's they have reached out to every animal welfare organization in the vicinity of their home and can't find anyone to help them.

Mary and Bill Morgan are 88 and 94 years old, respectively.

They say about a year and a half ago a few cats were abandoned down their county road and now they're in over their head.

Bill Morgan says, "Just people throwing cats out and them having babies. Just keeps growing and growing. It's got to where we just can't take care of them."

The couple's granddaughter, Kristina Husband says, "We're just trying to get the population down for my grandparents' health."

The Morgan's say there are about 50 feral cats on their property. Many are kittens while others appear to have various medical problems.

The East Texas News asked Bill and Mary if these cats were their pets and this is that they had to say,"No, just stray cats, a lot of them are wild but a few of them let you pet them," said Mary Morgan.

Husband says her grandparents have kind-hearts and started feeding the cats because they didn't want to see them die.

"You had to feed them," said Mary. "You didn't want them to starve."

Husband says she has contacted numerous organizations, shelters and law enforcement seeking help with their overwhelming cat problem and so far…no luck.

"Nobody around here [can help] they say if you're not in the county you can't get it done and San Augustine don't have anything like that," said Mary.

The East Texas News called the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office and chief deputy Gary Cunningham said the county does not have any trained animal control officers or equipment to be able to assist the couple. He says he would like to help them and if he can find a feasible way he will.

I also called and emailed the SPCA of East Texas and have not heard back.

"The best goal and the best way to handle this would probably be to find the cats homes. They are wild. They're what we consider feral. You can't catch them, you can't pet them," said Husband.

The family is now reaching out to the community to see if they can get some help clearing out the cats.

If you want to help or know an organization willing to help with the cat problem you can email the family here:  neilandkris86@yahoo.com

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