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4th annual Lone Star Lineman Challenge held at Mineola

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - On a touchdown, long play or when a football team is having great success, guess who normally gets all the credit? That would be the quarterback and skill position players.

But on Saturday, it was all about the big guys. The 4th annual Lone Star Lineman Challenge took place at Mineola High School.

Around 38 teams were represented, which made this the largest lineman challenge in the nation. The challenge consisted of nine events where linemen from each school competed to earn points.

The competition level was high to say the least as lineman always want to show who is the toughest.

"Its really competitive, a lot of great teams out here," Mineola lineman Matthew Smith said. "If some teams aren't the greatest, you just have to work hard, bust your butt, and get out there and keep doing it."

Eustace lineman Dennis Wisdom added," I want everyone to know where we come from, where we are and what our coaches and teachers teach us. I mean our pride, poise and discipline."

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