Family and friends stand up for a Lufkin convicted sex offender

(Photo source: KTRE staff)
(Photo source: KTRE staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When David Forrester was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crime of child pornography and online solicitation of a minor, Jonathan Eckels was one of the first people to come to Forresters defense.

"David is the victim here. I know it sounds crazy," Eckels said. "I don't condone his action in which he was found guilty for; however, David is not a sexual predator."

Back in February, Forrester received 10 years for child pornography and 20 years for online solicitation for a minor. Last week, Forrester requested a re-trial on the grounds that the stacking of his punishment was cruel and unusual punishment. On Monday, Judge Paul White denied the motion for a retrial. According to court documents, he was following state law. The judge told KTRE he could not comment on the case because it's still pending.

"People only know half of the story, he was on an adult Website and the person ended up being a minor," Eckels said.

However, Eckels isn't the only one standing in Forrester's corner. Twenty five other individual who know Forrester wrote letters on his behalf as well. Eckels shared a piece of his.

"I have 13- and a 15-year-old who both know who David is, and they know he isn't a sexual predator, and I know this to be true," Eckels said. "Here's another letter in reference to his sentencing, "I believe it was way too harsh on what he received. This was a first issue with David, and I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life. I honestly would have thought he would have received a probation sentence with just a short time in jail."

In the end, Eckels said it's a complete miscarriage of justice. Eckels said Forrester's attorney is planning to appeal his case. KTRE made several attempts to contact his attorney, and he has not yet returned our call.

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