Junior Achievement program helping 8th grade students map out their futures

(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
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(Source: KTRE Staff)
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(Source: KTRE Staff)

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - With the passing of House Bill 5, high schools in Texas will see a change in curriculum.

Students will get to choose a career cluster and that choice will play a major role in their college focus or career choice after graduating.

But before they get that fa,r one Angelina County school is helping incoming freshman figure out what cluster they should choose.

On Wednesday, 140 8th grade students spent their day answering questions like this.

"How would I describe myself and my friends and if I could do something else with my life what would it be?" said Cedric Moses, 8th grade student

It was all a part of the "It's My Future" program presented by Junior Achievement of Angelina County.

Junior Achievement Executive Director Michelle Green said the program meets House Bill 5 requirements and will help students navigate the new career focused curriculum when they start high school.

"Its gong to open their eyes to the many opportunities that they have as they enter high school and give them additional information to make an educated choice," Green said.

Students filled out brand interviews, career inventories and even a map to help them plan their futures.

"They are going to be creating posters pretending they've chosen this career and how to move forward with it," Green said.

Upon entering the 9th grade students can chose from clusters like STEM, business, and industry.

8th grade student Cedric Moses says he already has big plans for his future.

"Go far and be a doctor," Moses said.

Diboll officials said college and careers are a long way off for 8th grade students but their goal is to ensure each of them have a direction for their futures.

"They may decide on something today and next year they may change their mind and that's ok as long as their exploring," said Daniel Lopez, a Diboll sssistant superintendent.

Junior Achievement officials said students will also have access to an online self assessment.

This is just another tool that will help students evaluate their skills and help them figure out what careers might suite them.

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