Sabine County students are helping law enforcement fight the war on drugs

Wednesday 6th graders at Hemphill Middle School finished up the last chapter in their 12 week Drug Abuse Resistance Education better known as DARE.

The course was taught by none other than the Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox. Maddox said it's important to teach kids early on about the effects drugs has on an individual and how to say no. Although drugs were the prime focus of the interactive course, students also learned about bullying and alcohol awareness.

"We do a lot of participation here. It's really fun it's probably one of my favorite classes to come to. We learned that we shouldn't do or smoke tobacco, alcohol or marijuana, " said Haley Anderson, Student.

"The question answer game was really fun because we got in a group and talked and it was really fun," said Bella Lejune.

"Our main focus is on is educating them about drugs but also how to make good wise healthy decisions. I have adopted everyone of them  " Said Tom Maddox, Sabine County Sheriff.

Sheriff Maddox said the class helps create a bond between the kids and law enforcement. The students will receive a dare certification on may 19th during a graduation ceremony.DARE was founded in 1983.

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