Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 05/08/14

Brookshire Brothers No. 25 Deli 1807 West Frank Ave.: 9 demerits for time put out not listed on rotisserie chicken, hand sinks not just used for hand washing, sanitizer in dish sink not at right level, and inside of ice machine needed to be cleaned.

Dee Dee Donuts at 300 E. Main in Zavalla: 7 demerits: vent hood filters needed to be cleaned, chair needed to be removed, bedding needed to be removed from back room, front didn't close fully, and floor needed to repainted.

Nary Donuts: 4 demerits for ceiling tiles not smooth and easily cleanable, lightning needed in storeroom, expand-a-foam needed to be removed, and hot water heater in restroom needed to be replaced.

Red Lobster at 1919 South First Street: 3 demerits for food at wrong temperature, leak at hand sink needed to be repaired, and vent filters needed to be cleaned.

Sals and Sams at 1705 Feagin Drive: 0 demerits.

Cheddar's Restaurant and Club at 3901 S. Medford Drive: 0 demerits.

M&M Concessions and Comissary at 216 N. First Street: 0 demerits.