Sabine county family mourning the loss of a child

Chanda Fontenot lost her son rocky tragically just five days before mother's day.  The Fontenot family did not want to go on camera but they said the death of a child is every parents worse nightmare.  Around 8:30pm Wednesday night the Sabine County Sheriff's Office got a call asking for medical assistance to Kalyn drive.

"Chanda Fontenot had entered into her drive way there with her two sons. Her 5-year old son Rocky opened the front door and fell out of the vehicle accidentally fell out of the vehicle. The mother did not know that she ran over her son. She got out of the vehicle and found out that she ran over her son," Said Tom Maddox, Sheriff at Sabine County.

He then explained that Fontenot decided to not wait for EMS to arrive. In an attempt to save her sons life, she laid him in the back seat of her vehicle and rushed him to the Sabine County Hospital

Sadly the nightmare continued as Fontenot was en route to the hospital her car ran out of gas.

"She then got out in the middle of the road and flagged down a vehicle heading the same way. That vehicle picked up her and rocky and took them to the hospital," Maddox said.

The Fontenot family said rocky held on for as long as he could, talking to his mom through the whole ordeal. However, when he arrived at the hospital there was little that doctors could do to save his life. Rocky died one hour after the accident happened. The Fontenot family said that rocky was a great kid and that he loved life. They still can't believe that this has happened and they ask the community to keep them in their prayers.

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