Nacogdoches officials regroup after multi-million dollar bond fails

Nacogdoches school bond fails after election. (Source: KTRE Staff)
Nacogdoches school bond fails after election. (Source: KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's back to the drawing board for Nacogdoches Independent School District officials after a multi-million dollar bond failed to pass at this weekend's election.

A $58.78 million dollar bond that was aimed towards rebuilding and reconstruction for several Nacogdoches ISD campuses failed to pass during Saturday's election.

Out of the 30,000-plus registered voters in Nacogdoches county, only 2,169 people voted.

Out of those voters, only 940 people voted yes, and the other 1,229 voters said no.

Ron Watson, the president of the Nacogdoches ISD School Board, said he is more upset about the low voter turnout than the failed bond.

"The most remarkable thing is that not that voters said no; it's that there were so few voters all together," Watson said.

Nacogdoches ISD Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services Grey Burton was also surprised by the low voter turnout.

"We would love to know, you know, why the 1,200 said no to the election. I think knowing that would be great. My biggest question was I want to know why the other that were in the community didn't step up and say yes," Burton said.

The big question now is where does the bond go from here, and what happens to the schools that need work done now?

"Right now we're going to sit back and assess the situation we still know that we have overcrowding and that we also have some safety concerns that we need to address now how we go about doing that within our budget is going to be the part we are going to be looking at," Burton said.

Watson said the best thing to do from here is to go back to the community and see what it is they want.

"I believe we've got to go back to the community and say, 'Hey, OK, this did not get the support it needed. What is it going to take to get the support it needs, so that we can continue to improve our schools to do what we need to do for our kids and do what we need to do for this community?" Watson said.

The school board members along with Nacogdoches administrators will regroup in a few weeks to discuss where they want to go from here.

If you would like to voice your concern, you can do so on the Nacogdoches ISD Website.

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