Livingston teen looking for national title after winning state fish art competition

Brady King (Source:KTRE Staff)
Brady King (Source:KTRE Staff)
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - A Livingston teenis racking up awards, and it is all thanks to his artwork.

Brady king recentlywon first place in an annual high school competition sponsored by Texas Parksand Wildlife. Brady's first placeacrylic painting of two Atlantic Cod won him $1,000 and a trip to the nationalcompetition in August.

For king, his art imitates his life.

"I've been afish guy ever since I was little," King said. "I've always had a fascinationwith them. They have certain qualities about them that make them hard to paintand capture all the detail that makes people say hey this looks like afish"

He'll have to make room for the trophy. He's won the prizefive of the last six years.

"Iwas super happy and excited, but I was not expecting to win again," King said. "Towin it for 5 years has been mind-blowing. Looking back on my first one I waslike how did I win with that thing,"

On top of thosewins, King has also brought home a national title.

"It wasreally unexpected and I was grateful for all those people choosing me out ofall those pieces of artwork," King said.

Kingsaid he first got into art when his father taught him how to draw simple shapes.

Years,and a lot of drawings, later, he's still honing his craft.

"Theysay practice makes perfect and I'm far from perfect, but the practice hasdefinitely helped and each year I have gotten slightly better," King said."

Nationalsare his last chance at glory before heading off to college and king saidanything after that will just make this journey better.

Kingwill be honored in Athens July 12 at the TexasFreshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.  King will travel toSouth Carolina in August for the national art competition.

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