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Daughter of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers shares family stories in Quitman

Roy Rogers and Cheryl. (Source: KLTV) Roy Rogers and Cheryl. (Source: KLTV)
QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) - The Friends of the Quitman Public Library made a new friend today: Roy Rogers' daughter Cheryl Rogers-Barnett. She has family in Texas, and never passes up a chance to promote literacy, and the family values she learned growing up with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

"They loved people, they loved their country. They were both good Christians, and that meant a lot to them. In their shows, they always tried to do a message," Rogers-Barnett said.

Cheryl was adopted by Roy and Dale. To hear her tell the story, she chose them. When she was a baby at the orphanage and the couple was trying to decide which baby to adopt, Cheryl grabbed Roy's finger, and the decision was made. She became a member of a Western  "royal" family.

"It bothers me when I hear the Western is dead, because to the rest of the world, I mean, they still think of the U.S. as having cowboys," Rogers-Barnett explained.

When she worked at the Roy Rogers Museum in California, she said people from outside the country would ask where they could go to see real cowboys. She would tell them at ranches in Utah or Wyoming or Texas. But you can also see them in the pages of the books in the library.

When Rogers-Bennett spoke to the Friends of the Quitman Library about family values, she also showed a documentary about her mother and father that can only be shown in person.

"It's so important to have a place like this. The written word is really important and I think being able to get a grounding, which you can, here, I think that is great for our kids," Rogers-Barnett added.

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett may return to the Quitman Public Library, but for now it's "happy trails."

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