Nacogdoches makes list of 15 top small cities in Texas

(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The oldest town in Texas has recently been named one of the best.

"We've known in our hearts in our minds for a long time that Nacogdoches is one of the greatest small cities in Texas," said Sarah O'Brien, the Main Street Director.

From the Durst Taylor House, to the Oak Grove Cemetery and even the Old University Building, the history found in Nacogdoches is a unique part of the city that continues to draw in visitors.

"It's such an integral part of our town," said Rayanne Duchane, the chair Nacogdoches of Chamber of Commerce.

And it's what helped rank the city as No. 15 on Cities Journal's list of top small cities in Texas.

Also on the list are cities like Rockport and Jefferson.

According to the article, Nacogdoches stands out because of its living history that is educational and fun.

"The sugar cane event they recently did, the history of Oak Grove Cemetery, Blast from the Past, heritage tourism is something that has been popular for many years and continues to grow," O'Brien said.

The article also mentions the downtown area which has plenty of places to shop and features some of the oldest buildings in town.

Duchane said there is more to Nacogdoches than history like classic events like the Texas Blueberry Festival to newer ones like the Red Dirt Mud Run play a huge role in making the city a tourist destination.

"We have a young, vibrant group underneath that is pushing new ideas, and then you've got the established are so open to new ideas. I think that makes for a great culmination," Duchane said.

However, officials said the residents are the true heart of the city.

"Nacogdoches is an amazing city and I think what makes it amazing are the people that live here," Duchane said.

And they hope visitors keep coming back for more.

According to the article, the City of Hallettsville, which is located in Lavaca County, is the only city in the world that is called Hallettsvile.

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