A San Augustine family plea has been answered

The Lufkin Animal Control has assisted an elderly San Augustine County couple after learning their property was overwhelmed by feral cats. Mary and Bill Morgan first told KTRE their property was consumed with cats, a problem they said started about a year and a half ago, when a few cats were abandoned down their county roads.

At least 50 felines are now roaming their home. Since KTRE reported the story, the Lufkin Animal Control stepped forward to help. Saturday, 38 cats were captured and transported to Lufkin Animal Control, free of charge.

The couple's granddaughter, Christina Husband, said it's such a relief. "We are thankful for their help. We have at least two dozen more to catch," Husband said.

The Lufkin Animal Control Director, Aaron Ramsey, said they just wanted to help.

"Unfortunately, the cats are not trainable and we will not be putting them up for adoption," Ramsey said.

He further explained that they are taking steps to care for the felines.

Prior to the help received, the couple had reached out numerous organizations, and shelters in the surrounding counties, but was unable to receive assistance.  San Augustine County, in which they reside, does not have any trained animal officers or equipment.

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