Woman posing as teen rused women's shelter

More evidence Saturday, that an East Texas woman who posed as a teenager at a christian school, used the same ruse on a women's shelter.

Longview police say 34 year old Charity Stevens posed as a sophomore at a Longview christian school and was arrested Sunday night for failure to identify herself.

One East Texas women's shelter knew Stevens under very similar circumstances. Residents at the House of Hope women's shelter in Longview, say they recognized Charity Stevens as Charity Johnson who stayed at their shelter for a year, claiming to be 16-years-old.

"My first reaction is I can't believe its her. I can not believe this woman is 30-somethig years old," says shelter director Helen Johnson.

Charity fit in, she made friends, she convinced everyone she was a teen.

"She came here she was 16 , we really though she was 14. she acted like 16, she acted like a school girl until we saw her on the news," Johnson says.

I was like no! And then when I found out her age I was like , I sat down because I couldn't believe it," says shelter resident Regina Molby.

Again the same scenario: Stevens sought help and wanted to go to school.

"So we sent her to school she was home schooled in Kilgore for a while. We even went as far as be sure she had appropriate clothes," Helen says.

Several of the women at House of Hope believe Johnson is not deceiving them, they think she really believes she's a teenager.

"When tragic things happen to us, often times we'll create a world we can live in even though that world is completely out of touch with reality, we create a world that's comfortable for us," Johnson says.

And those who knew here say they had no clue of her real age.

"She would never tell us too much about her. She told us some things but not enough," Mobly says.

For the shelter, which helps lots of women get back on their feet, there are still questions.

"I-d or no I-d, age, doesn't matter we help everybody. Why? Why did she have to tell us a story , because she really didn't have to," says Johnson.

Stevens remains in the Gregg county jail charged with a misdemeanor of failure to identify.

She has a five hundred dollar bond.

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