First accused in housekeeper murder put away

A man who robbed a motel and shot three housekeepers, killing one, before leading to a massive manhunt a couple years ago has now met his fate after a jury convicted him. While Bobby Grubbs begins his life in prison (without parole), Michelle Reed takes a look at the case and previews Grubb's wife's trial coming up next week. That report's at 6.

After turning down a plea deal which did not include probation, Shadondra Jenkins is leaving her fate in the hands of a judge, pleading guilty to beating her child with a computer cord. Maleeha Kamal has that report at 6.

Also at 6, Donna McCollum explains what a former Arkansas health provider has in store for Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

At 5, Caleb Beames explains how two East Texas landmarks are in need of serious help and what's being done to preserve them.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor