Runoff election underway for Angelina County Pct. 1 and Pct. 4 commissioner seats

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - With early voting underway in the runoff races from the March primary, four men are vying for two seats on the Angelina County Commissioners Court.       

Here's a refresher of the candidates running for Precinct 1 and Precinct 4 commissioner. The Pct. 1 and Pct. 4 commissioner's republican seats are up for grabs.

In the March primary, Kyle Looney, Greg Garrison and incumbent Steve Allen battled for the seat but Harrison and Allen would be forced into the run off.

Allen was appointed to the job after Harrison's brother, Rick Harrison, who previously held the seat died.

"I just think I'm experienced for the job really and a good candidate," said Allen. 

"I've always been intrigued with this job and I feel like I could do a good job at this position," said Harrison.

Allen said his background is valuable to the job, "Because of the experience I have working with TxDOT and serving the citizens of Pct. 1 and see if I can make it better for us for the precinct."

While Harrison, who lead the polls in the primary race, says his people skills are key.

"Precinct 1 is where I've live all my life. I know lots of folks out here and they know me and they know if there's anything I can do to help them. I'll be more than happy to," said Harrison.

Switching over to Pct. 4 now. Bobby Cheshire, incumbent Scott Cooper and Bill Brown sought the seat in the primary. It was a close race between Cheshire and Cooper.

Cheshire says he has a versatile background and that will come in handy.

"My experience in law enforcement has given me insight into government and also my experience in business has given me insight into how government should be run,"said Cheshire.

While Cooper says his mixed skill set based in education, technology and agriculture are invaluable.

"I hope to have shown that I have done the job that I was hired to do and the people think I deserve to be in again. I believe I am," said Cooper.

Both Cheshire and Cooper have plans to fix Angelina County roads.

Cooper said, "I'm ready and poised finally after three years to purchase some new type of equipment that will allow us to use some new road materials that will's looking like right now be able to cover more road miles with less dollars and keep them with as good or better repair."

Cheshire said, "We've seen our roads over the past few years deteriorate from oil to rock to dire and those are tax dollars that are wasted and we're going to have to spend precious recourses to recover that loss."

Election Day is Tuesday, May 27th. The republican winners of both seats will not face a democratic opponent in the November general election.

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