East Texas man trying to make community relevant again by renovating

I'll admit, I never heard of Arcadia before today. But it's the home of a man who has been featured in a national publication for his gardening skills. Now, he's trying to bring Arcadia back to its glory days through renovations. Michelle Reed shares the story at 5.

At 6, Maleeha Kamal brings you the latest on an incident in San Augustine County, where a 16-year-old is accused in the shooting death of his father.

Also at 6, you'll meet Zoey, a basset hound mix who likes to entertain her fellow shelter dogs with her musical bark and low-key personality. She's tonight's Best Furry Friend.

And at 10, Caleb Beames takes you to Cross Timbers Cowboy Church, the site of the big monthly rodeo. Caleb explains how the church hopes to share the Word and provide a cowboy good time, too.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor