Lufkin church uses bulls to share the gospel

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Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Churches are alwayslooking for ways to step outside of the walls. Cross Timbers Cowboy Church in Lufkinhas done it with a very unique event at their rodeo arena.

The monthly "Buck Out" event has become a popular with the church and community members.

The event features ridingfor all levels with the more experienced riders competing for a cash prize.Whoever is the last rider left to ride for 8 seconds will win a $500 prize.

Bull riders say thatentering the arena is not for everyone.

"I guess we arejust a little bit different and we have fun doing it," said rider Clint Andrews.

The bulls are big and noteasy to tame.

"Look at them," Andrews said. "It's notlike you can get in a car or something you can control. Theygot a mind of their own. All you can do is live on faith"

Even though they appearmean, the bulls are serving a purpose at the church.

"it is a very strongfaith based kind of a sport," said organizer Chuck Griffith.

The event meets once amonth giving bull riders an opportunity to compete in a family friendlyenvironment.

The riders are from allover but say the event makes them feel right at home.

"It's new to me,"said rider Ty James. "I'm from Louisiana and we don't have too many churcheslike this. It's just fun to come out here with all the families out here."

While the more experiencedriders hope to take home a cash prize, the event also offers opportunities forfirst time riders to get on a young bull and learn what it takes to make it inthe arena.

"I don't knoweverything about it," James said. "Everybody keeps helping me out as I'm goingalong and I like to help anyone that asks me."

They ride with the ultimategoal of finding faith outside of the church walls.

"We come out here andhave fun and praise the Lord while we're having a good time," Andrews said.

The next event at the church will be June 16at 6 p.m. There will be a $1,000 jackpot prize since no one won the $500 prizethis month. Riders can get in for free. Admission is $2 for 16 years-old and up.Children are free. The money from the gate is to help pay for the light bill.Cross Timbers Cowboy Church is located at 4977 U.S. 69N in Lufkin.

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