Nacogdoches novel moves to the big screens

"Cold in July" Richard Dane played by Michael C. Hall (Source: BSM Studio)
"Cold in July" Richard Dane played by Michael C. Hall (Source: BSM Studio)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas novelist and short story writer is headed to the big screens this weekend, after his novel was picked up for a movie.

Joe Lansdale's 1989 novel "Cold in July" was selected last year by director Jim Mickle and after several months of production the film is finally ready for the world to see.

"Cold in July" is the story of an East Texas man who runs into trouble with a murderous ex-con and soon finds himself spinning in a web of lies and violence.

"I always thought it was a natural film. I didn't write it to be a film, but when I finished it I realized that it had that potential," said Lansdale.

The film showcased in several film festivals and has received favorable reviews from critics all around the world.

"I wrote the novel and I am happy with it. Novelists are notoriously unhappy with their films and I have been fortunate with the few that have been made," said Lansdale.

This isn't the first time "Cold in July" has been picked up for a movie, it was picked up years ago, several times, but it was when Mickle came into the picture that the script really morphed into something more.

"It is kind of fun for it to take that next step, other than the few other things that were done before"

Now that the film has made its way through the critics it's time to showcase it in front of a different kind of critic, the box office.

Don't go running to the movie theater just yet, "Cold in July" is only in a select theaters.

"I think it might come to these other towns too because they open it with kind of a target opening and then it expands. Then depending on how well it does and if the reviews are any source of how it might do, then it may well come to some of the smaller theaters," said Lansdale.

You can visit the films web site for showings and times.

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