Lufkin graduates honored at banquet

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin communityturned out to honor the top 20 graduates at the LISD Education Foundation'sPanthers of Prestige banquet Wednesday night.

The banquet honored thetop 20 seniors of the class of 2014. Each senior was asked to honor a teacherthat inspired them through their education. The teachers selected were alsohonored.

"It is a tribute tothe people who have persevered and to now give them a little pat on the backand the LISD education foundation is all about recognizing the accomplishmentof students and teachers," said Foundation President Becca Chance.

The Foundation alsoannounced that starting next fall, any teacher in the district would be allowedto apply for funding from the foundation that will go to help fund educationalprojects.

The students honored were:Courtney Aten, Cody Carter, Will Chance, Ashlyn Coleman, Katie Gray, CalebGuzman, Brad Henderson, Kimlang Ly, Mikaela Neal, Josh Rudis, Ory Schultheis,Trevor Self, Matt Smithhart, Madi Stephens, laQwitha Thomas, Peyton Thompson,Amber Thurman, Brittany Tiemann, Mary Vann and Jordan Verner.

Teachers honored were:Allison Hillis, John Mitchell, David Willis, Marcy Weibe, Denise Davis, Jody Anderson,Bryan Davis, Janice Holcomb, Danny Eubanks, Debbie Anderson, Chad Humphries,Zoey Lovejoy, Truitt Eubank, Erin Kay, Heather Slaton, Michael Wicker, CotinaEvans, Brent Rich, Winfred Simmons and Bret Lockheart.

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