Oh deer!

What happens when you get two deer, a delicate gift shop and five law enforcement officers and you put them all together? Francesca Washington will show you tonight at 6.

An 18-year-old Jasper man is dead after he was shot through the window of his trailer home. Cheyenne Simpson brings you the latest on this at 6.

And in Shelby County, Michelle Reed is following the third day of testimony in the trial of a woman charged with capital murder, even though it was her husband who pulled the trigger and killed a motel housekeeper. Michelle brings you that coverage at 6.

A San Augustine County woman is upset that her grandmother did not get the treatment she needed after taking a nasty fall. She's taken her fight to social media, saying it wasn't the hospital's fault, but their restrictions through health care. Donna McCollum brings you the story at 10.

Students at one Lufkin elementary school are learning the meaning of giving back. The elementary students, with the help of teachers and the community, managed to raise scholarship money for five seniors. Maleeha Kamal has that story at 6.

His name is Bagheera, but he's not fit for a jungle. Instead, he wants to relax with you. Leigha Hughes will tell you how you can adopt him in tonight's edition of "Best Furry Friends" at 6.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor