Angelina County mom charged with child endangerment faces judge for sentencing

An Angelina County woman charged with child endangerment was in court Thursday morning for her sentencing hearing.

21-year-old Shelly Licea was arrested back in July. Angelina County Sheriff's deputies said they found her 22-month old daughter walking down the street during the early morning hours. Authorities said Licea returned to the home intoxicated shortly after. She later pleaded guilty to the felony charges. Her attorney Albert Charanza said Judge Paul White wanted more time to review her case.

"In this case, we had requested records that had not been received. At the same time there is another arrest that they did not have the offense report, so he wants to look at that offense report, and he also requested it today," Charanza said.

Licea is facing anywhere from six months to two years in prison.

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