East Texas sisters making history by going to West Point

© Diana Duke, Haley Duke and Kelley Duke Source:KTRE Staff
© Diana Duke, Haley Duke and Kelley Duke Source:KTRE Staff

Haley Duke is following in the footsteps of her three older sisters. Come fall she will be attending the prestigious military college West Point.The Duke's will be leaving a lasting legacy by being the first four sisters to consecutively be admitted to the military college. Diana Duke was the first sister to be accepted.

"I was definitely inspired by 911. I wanted to give back to my community," Diana said.

She knew it was a big step and wasn't sure about joining the army, and her sisters weren't so sure either.

"All four of us were making fun of it, laughing about Diana going to West Point, " Haley said.

However, Diana soon realized it was the best way she could give back to our county. She graduated in 2009 and now serves as a captain the United States Army.

"I advise the commander on his combat strength and the people he is going to need to make the mission happen. I have also been deployed to Afghanistan twice," Diana said.

The legacy almost didn't happen according to second in line Kelley Duke. She said following in her sister's footstep isn't something she planned on doing.

"Oh people would say so you must be thinking about going to West Point too  and I said no I am not crazy," Kelley said.

However, she too fell in love with the school. Next in line was Adrienne and now Haley.  Now getting into the military school isn't as easy as filling out a college application.

"There are a lot of forms but the first thing you have to accomplish is getting a nomination from a congressman or senator," Haley said.

Big sister Diana said she couldn't be prouder of her baby sisters.

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