Renovation nearing completion for Crockett's First Baptist Church

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A three month renovation project that was several years in the making is almost complete.

In a few weeks, members of Crockett's First Baptist Church will be able to worship in their worship center again.

Since February the church has been meeting in the Family Life Center while construction crews laid down new carpet, remodeled the stage and put in new chairs.

Senior Pastor Keeney Dickenson said that the building project has gone smoother than he expected it to go. IDckenson said his favorite part of the project is that it has been more than a physical transformation. Dickenson said that the congregation has experienced a spiritual transformation as well.

Early in the project, church members were able to write scripture on the wooden floors that would be covered.

"It was a blessing to watch grandparents seated on the floor and reading scripture to the children," Dickenson said. "They were writing out versus of scripture references and so this floor is covered with scripture. The platform is covered with scripture and so in a real sense when we come back in here to worship, we'll be standing on the promises of God."

The first Sunday back in the worship center for the church will be on Father's Day. The church will have a dedication service the following week.

For more on First Baptist Crockett, visit their website.

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