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Power of Prayer: Couple Finds Answer To Prayer In the Adoption of Russian Child

It's dinner time in the Downing home. Mom, Dad and son Caleb. However, just about a year ago, things in this home were much different.

Caleb was having dinner in a Russian orphanage.

Susan and Joe Downing had just returned to East Texas from a prayer vigil.

"On the day we got back, of all the messages waiting there was a call and it just asked if we would host a child coming on a Russian tour," says Susan, "and we prayed about it and said we would."

Caleb was one of many children coming to East Texas from his Russian orphanage. As Susan and Joe continued to pray about their visitor they realized they were called to do much more than host a child.

"You show them all this stuff and then a week later you have to send them back," said Joe, "and I didn't feel right about doing that. I told Susan I didn't feel right about doing that, so if she wanted to host then we were going to have to adopt. And we began to pray about it."

"And we were praying over it and the Lord told me that we would love this child and I just stepped out the shower about a month later and said I don't about you but I'm ready to adopt," recalls Susan.

The Downings said yes to God's call before they found out the costs and complications of a Russian adoption.

"We committed to adopting Caleb and only then found out there was a big finical commitment. And we got to the penny and no more exactly what it cost to bring him home," says Susan. "The time frame was less than what we anticipated. We went with another couple who adopted Caleb's best friend, which is another miracle in this story and it was just blessing heaped upon blessing."

Six months after Joe and Susan met Caleb, he was on his way to his new East Texas home. The Downings never thought this would be the way they became parents, but they do not question that this was God's plan for their life.

"And that's hard to explain," says Joe, "how you know if the Lord is leading you there. You know we've done it enough and he's lead us into enough situations to where we feel this common feeling and we know its from him. Cause its always worked out for the best."

"You know we prayed for children," says Susan, "you think you have a plan and then you realize that this is my plan and my plan wasn't a good one after all.

"In the back of our minds we knew we were going to have children," says Joe. "So there was that expectation. We just didn't know when and we left that up to God's timing. It was the perfect timing though and he (Caleb) is definitely an answer to our prayer."

"And God just put this in our lap and we have to take that step of faith. And he's our son, he was just born in Russia. He's just a little miracle," says Susan.

Clint Yeatts Reporting

***Editors Note: A group of Russian orphans similar to the one Caleb Downing came with last year will be in East Texas in late December. There is a need for volunteers, donations, hosts and potential adoptive families. For more information contact Susan Downing at 903-839-6726.

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