Murderer takes the stand

Michelle Reed has been bringing you excellent coverage of a capital murder trial involving a woman who is charged, despite not pulling the trigger which killed a motel housekeeper. At 6, Michelle brings you coverage from the trial, which includes the testimony of the man who did pull the trigger.

Also at 6, Donna McCollum sorts out what happened at a foreclosure sale involving the Hotel Fredonia and what that means for the Nacogdoches landmark.

We have some gifted kids here in East Texas. One talented student from Lufkin will be featured in the 2015 Don't Mess with Texas calendar. The second grader was one of 12 chosen from a state-wide contest. At 6, Maleeha Kamal sat down with the Dunbar Elementary student to find out what inspired the award-winning piece.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor