Lufkin shelter pup finds forever home through international adoption to Canada

Cisco Kid is the first international adoption for Lufkin animal shelter
Cisco Kid is the first international adoption for Lufkin animal shelter
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin shelter pup is about to take the ride of his life out of the United States and into Canada!

That's right - Canada.

A Canadian woman fell in love with the precious pooch on Petfinder, and now the international adoption is underway.

The power of the Internet has united 6-week-old Cisco Kid, a Pitbull mix, with his new family in another country.

Cisco is getting ready to give up his U.S. citizenship and become a Canadian as he makes his way to his forever home in Vancouver, Canada.

The international adoption will be the first of its kind for Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.

Aaron Ramsey, the director of the Kirth Memorial Animal Shelter said, "We've actually adopted animals that have gone to other states, so this is the first time something has happened like this."

The East Texas News talked to the Sabrina Trotter, the adopter, on the phone. She said she's been searching for the right puppy to join her family after a puppy she rescued from Seattle about two months ago was hit by a car.

Trotter said she wanted a Pitbull mix and only wanted to adopt from a rescue or a shelter.

"Everybody is looking for something different in an animal, and it's just really, really neat that in Lufkin, Texas that she happened to see the animal that caught her eye," Ramsey said.

Trotter said she was very picky in selecting her furry friend. She said the moment she saw Cisco Kid on Petfinder she knew he was the one.

"We're just absolutely thrilled it's just really neat. It just shows the importance of the internet and our website and all that and the tools we used to promote our animals," Ramsey said. "There's a lot of hard work that goes into what we do here to promote our animals. We are really appreciative of the work our volunteers do."

Trotter is currently working on making the arrangements to get Cisco to Canada. He will have to pass a full health evaluation and be cleared for international travel, and then he will be on his way home.

When it all comes together in the next few weeks, a volunteer will drive Cisco Kid to the airport
put him on a plane, and he will bid farewell to the USA and put his paws down in British Columbia.

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