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Fisherman who found body opens up about his terrifying discovery

The fisherman who found the body of an unidentified man in a canal Saturday morning opened up about his gruesome discovery.

"I happened to look over in there and I see this body laying there," said Dexter McCain. "So I ran. It really freaked me out. at first I though it was a mannequin. But it wasn't. It was a human, it was a man's body."
McCain said he fishes in the Augusta Canal near 13th and Telfair Street about three or four times a week and what he stumbled across Saturday will make him think twice before fishing in the canal again.
"It looked like somebody had busted him in the back of the head. It just messed my whole day up," said McCain.
In a statement, Sgt. Glen Rahn, with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said investigators and the water rescue team couldn't determine whether there was foul play. Coroner Mark Bowen tells WFXG the body looks like it's been in the water for quite some time, and identifying the man is going to be difficult. The man is going to be sent to the GBI crime lab in Atlanta for an autopsy. McCain said getting over what he saw is going to be hard.
"It's got me messed up right now. I can't quite, I haven't gotten my mind together yet," said McCain.

It comforts him to think that someone's family may get some answers soon.
"I'm kind of glad I did find that body because maybe it was somebody's family has some closure now," McCain said.

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