Lufkin woman turns to Facebook to search for birth mother

Jennifer Horton (source:facebook)
Jennifer Horton (source:facebook)

Monday was Jennifer Horton's birthday. Horton said her one birthday wish is to find her birth mother, and she's turning to Facebook to help make her wish come true.

"I was adopted 2 months after I was born into a really loving family," Horton said.

Horton said she was born around 12:30, June 9th 1988 at Duncan Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. For Horton, her childhood was ideal, and she believes her birth parents made the right choice.

"I played outside all the time. We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday," Horton said.

However, despite her loving family, she always wondered about her birth parents, but it wasn't until the birth of her first son that her curiosity peaked.

"I just want to ask her questions about herself, my grandparents, and our genealogy because it's crazy; my husband knows all this stuff about his side of family, and I know nothing. I have nothing to pass along to my kids," Horton said.

This is because Horton's case was a closed adoption. She said over the years, she has tried several adoption agencies but has had no luck, so now she is trying Facebook. She got the idea after seeing several success stories on the social network site.

"So I just wrote out everything I knew. I know that my birth dad was 22 years old, and he had blonde hair and blue eyes and my birth mom was 20 years old and had brown hair and brown eyes," Horton said.

The only thing Horton has from her birth parents is a handwritten letter from her birth mother.

"My adopted mother gave it to me on my 13th birthday and said she thought I should have it," Horton said.

She said she cries every time she reads it and cherishes it greatly.

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