Men's only resale shop in Lufkin has styles for every type of man

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman accidentally started a men's resale shop and has been surprised by the success of the business.

The Resale Warehouse has styles for every kind of man at affordable prices.

"Nine months ago we started the first only men's resale store in East Texas and it's been a huge surprise and a big success," said Jean Smith, the owner of Resale Warehouse.

Smith has more than 20 years in the resale business but admits she's learned a lot since diving into men's fashion.

"We had thought at first that 95 percent of our sales would be to wives and mothers or girlfriends, but ninety-five percent of our sales are to men and teen guys. They're great shoppers, and they also tell their friends where to buy clothes. Who knew?"

And business has been booming.

"Men like to save money just like we women do," Smith said. "Who knew men talked about fashion or about bargains and buying clothes, but they do. For instance, right now, we have $400 suits on sale for what  ... $32-$36, and that's a huge savings."

There's something for every man's style in the store from T-shirts, to polo's, casual sporting wear even suits and tuxedos.

"We get a real diverse group of brands and fashion styles," Smith said. "Of course, Wrangler jeans are real hot, but we have quite a lot of young men, and middle aged men com in for bow ties and pocket squares. We actually sell a lot of ties which is a stunner."

Charles Carter just happened to be looking for a replacement tie and came to Resale Warehouse.

"What brought me here today?" Carter said. "I wanted to come here and shop and look around and visit people. I needed another tie because I lost it, and these people here are friendly towards me."

Smith said they only try to bring in items that are in perfect or near-perfect condition.

"If a man would like to have something, we'd like to find it for him and for the right price," Smith said.

Men can also bring their gently used clothes in to sell on consignment.

Resale Warehouse is located in the Chestnut Village Shopping Center at 516 S. Chestnut in Lufkin.

Here's the link for the store's Facebook page: The Web site can be found here.

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