Cash reward being offered after bag of dead puppies found off Shelby County road

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Warning: Some information in this article might seem too gruesome for some readers.

A gruesome discovery had one small East Texas town reeling on Tuesday as the investigation into new clues as to who would kill and dispose of several puppies remains unsolved.

About three to four puppies were found inside a black, garbage bag in a ditch off County Road 2657 in Huxley, which is approximately 20 miles east of Center, late Thursday afternoon.

The resident who discovered the puppies said the event was so traumatizing, they wanted to remain anonymous and did not want to comment on camera. The resident also said he/she is scared and terrified.

"Someone who would do this is capable of anything and we are all shocked and very disturbed by this twisted act and lack of humanity involved," the resident said via text message.

Kevin Windham, an investigator with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, says by the time they got to the scene on Friday morning buzzards and vultures had ripped the dogs out of the bag. He says the state of their bodies made it difficult to determine the breed.

"To see this is unusual," Windham said. "We do have people who do prefer to throw trash on the roadways rather than to dispose of it properly. But to find puppies in a black garbage bag is unusual."

Windham says he has heard rumors of illegal dog fights in the Center area, but does not believe this is a related instance. He believes the puppies were killed before they were put in the garbage bag.

"We believe they intended to kill them and to also just dispose of them, thinking that probably they wouldn't be discovered so our department is investigating this as a case of animal cruelty," Windham said.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Center Crime Stoppers at 936-598-SAFE. They are offering a $1,000 Cash Reward for anyone who can offer up information that leads to an arrest.

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